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Resolutions for a Better House this New Year

Resolutions for a better house this new year

A new year brings about resolutions for a better future. Whether that is through the betterment of the body, or of the mind, it is essential to promise yourself to follow through on these improvements. So why not make resolutions in regards to the well-being of your house? Here are four resolutions to maintain your house to be in its best shape:

Resolutions for a better house this new year

  1. Cleaning Schedule
    Cleaning your house is usually no one’s favorite task, but it is important to do. The longer dirt and grime stay on floors, walls and ceilings, the harder it is to restore to pristine condition. That is why you should consider a cleaning schedule, to do a deep clean in certain rooms every once in a while. Try to deep clean a vital room and a bathroom every month. Start with the kitchen or the master bedroom and work your way through the rooms throughout the year. Maintaining this schedule also reduces stress levels during the holidays and other times you need a clean house for guests.
  2. Purge the Clutter
    While you are cleaning your house every month, you will more than likely come across items you do not need. This is the perfect time to declutter your room of unnecessary items. How do you decide if you need the item? Here are a couple tips: one – does it bring you joy?; and two – does it serve a purpose currently? If the answer is no to both of these questions, consider whether or not it is an item you should retain. Purging the clutter will not only ease the strain on your cleaning activities, but it will also make for an easier time moving in the future if you so choose.
  3. Switch to LED Light Bulbs
    Incandescent light bulbs are probably what you have always bought, and would probably prefer to keep buying. However, did you know that they don’t last as long, and cost more money to operate than LED bulbs? Understandably, the LED bulbs have a shocking price tag, starting at eight dollars in comparison to the dollar incandescent light bulb. While that seems like a lot of money, the money you save by buying only one light bulb every twenty years rather than twenty lightbulbs every twenty years makes a difference. Finally, incandescent light bulbs will no longer be sold after 2020…If the switch is imminent, why not improve your house today?
  4. Clean out the Dryer Vent
    Always clean out your dryer vent. Numerous house fires occur due to the negligence of the owner forgetting to clean out the dryer vent. This task takes about a minute to do and can save your house and your appliances many years. Be safe, be cautious and always check your dryer vents.

With these resolutions in mind, we hope you have a wonderful start to the new year. If you need further tips, tricks or help buying and selling homes, contact us as your trusted advisor. Happy New Year!

By: Power4