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What’s in and what’s out in kitchen design? There’s no need to worry about that anymore. Even though new trends are emerging every year, there are some here to stay for the long haul! Take a look at these nine timeless kitchen design trends:

timeless kitchen design trends

Quartz countertops

While granite has lost some of its appeal, it doesn’t look like quartz countertops will. Quartz countertops require less maintenance than granite, and their shimmering surface offers an everlasting appeal.

Open concept floor plan

Does your home feel compartmentalized? While this was once popular, it has officially lost its appeal. Tear down your walls and open up your kitchen to the rest of your house – open concept floor plans are here to stay!

Induction cooktop

Not only does induction cooking cut down on heat, but they are also safe to the touch – which is perfect if you have children! As they produce little heat, these cooktops remove the need for a range hood, opening up your kitchen design to endless possibilities.

Large center islands

A large center island adds valuable countertop space for prep work, while also increasing the functionality and appeal of the kitchen as a whole.

LED lighting

LED lighting is here for the long haul. These bulbs are not only more efficient and longer-lasting than other options, but they also add a brighter light to your kitchen’s work surface.

Deep drawers

Deep kitchen drawers enhance the functionality and organization of your kitchen by increasing its storage space. Want to take it up a notch? Add pegboards!

Open shelving

Add a fresh look to your kitchen by opening up your cabinets. Made popular by the farmhouse design trend, open shelving increases your kitchen’s visual appeal.

Wood flooring

Hardwood floors are gorgeous! But, in the kitchen? Real wood may not be the best idea…But, lucky for you, they now have tile that looks exactly like hardwood flooring. It’s visually appealing and easier to maintain.

Big sinks

Bigger is better! A larger sink increases your kitchen’s functionality by containing splashes and accommodating for larger pots and pans.

Consider these timeless kitchen design trends during your renovation to ensure your home never goes out of style again!

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