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While a winter home sale isn’t usually recommended, it is sometimes necessary. And, with a little preparation and some home staging, you could sell your home quick for top-dollar value! How can you increase your home’s appearance this winter? These winter home staging tips work wonders:

winter home staging tips

Curb appeal
Rake the leaves and add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. Keeping up with the exterior shows buyers the home has been well-maintained and is in good condition.

Turn up the heat
To save money, many homeowners set their thermostat in the 60s during the winter months. However, that is not a good plan when selling your home. Turn up the heat to the 70s to make buyers feel like they’re right at home.

Fire up the fireplace
There’s nothing better than a fire during the damp and cold winter months. With that in mind, fire up your fireplace during home showings – only with your agent’ supervision, of course!

Add seasonal scents
From peppermint to cranberries and fresh balsam, the winter season is full of enticing and welcoming scents. When your home is on the market, bring the scents of the season to life in your home by mulling seasonal spices on the stove, baking fresh holiday cookies, lighting seasonal candles and more.

Add tasteful holiday decor
While you don’t want to go overboard, it isn’t a bad idea to add some holiday decor. Professionals recommend a big wreath on the front door, candles (electric or battery-operated) in the windows and other tasteful items. Try to avoid blow-up decorations or anything too over-the-top.

These winter home staging tips will work for a winter home sale or simply a holiday get-together. No matter the situation, they will help your home look and smell great!

Are you considering selling your home in the coming month? Give our team a call. We are always available to help!


By: Power4

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